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Removal or Remediation? Count on Us.

Oil Tank Removal Services in Vancouver and The Fraser Valley: Vancouver Tank Specialist employs certified hazardous materials technicians capable of removing oil tanks from residential and commercial properties in a safe, cost effective manner. We detect whether a tank exists and provide the best options for removal and remediation if required.

How do I know if I have a buried oil tank?

A buried oil tank may be present or may have been present on the property even if it is now served by an indoor, above ground oil tank or even by LP or natural gas. So don’t assume that because you don’t see a tank that none was ever used or present at a property.

Houses built between 1950 to 1970 are a high risk of having underground storage tanks that was once used to store house furnace oil. Make a visual site inspection for clues suggesting that one or more tanks is or was present.  Visit our FAQs page to answer your Oil Tank questions.

Vancouver Tank Tech offers free quotes on tank removal. 

If ou suspect you have a buried oil tank, CALL VANCOUVER TANK SPECIALIST FOR HELP 604.715.1000

We have full WorksafeBC coverage - carry $1 million in liability insurance - and are proud members of the Better Business Bureau. Click here to download our WCB Clearance letter.

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