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Vancouver Tank Specialists - Vancouver Oil Tank Removal

July 4th, 2012
Are you unsure if you have a buried oil tank? Best be safe than sorry! Contact us today for a scan.  There are still lots of buried oil tanks in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Oil Tank Removal Vancouver

April 14th, 2012
We had another successful week removing tanks in Vancouver this week! Beautiful weather to work outside too!

Hoppy Easter!

April 9th, 2012
Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend. 

Your Vancouver oil tank removal company

Vancouver Tank Specialists

BC Real Estate Convention

March 8th, 2012
The BC Real Estate Convention was a success! Thanks to all who came out for the show.  We really raised awareness about underground oil tanks, and the dangers of keeping one buried in your back yard. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email!

Oil Tank Removal Vancouver

February 28th, 2012
Do you have a ticking time bomb in your back yard?

Many homes still do have underground oil tanks in their yards.  However, its prolonged presence within your home area features all kinds of dangers. It’s best to get rid of this piece of equipment before it causes damage to your home or your health.

Many homeowners overlook the removing of this equipment ...

Oil Tank Removal in Maple Ridge

February 21st, 2012
Remidiation in Maple Ridge today.  Not bad.  The customer was pleasently surprised, the cost is going to be about half of what we suspected! Always a good thing!

Heating Oil Tanks

January 30th, 2012
Well, yet another tank out of the ground in Vancouver! Great news to planet earth!

Contaminated Soil in West Vancouver REMOVED!!

January 23rd, 2012
Well, we did it again.  One more tank out of the ground, luckily before it did too much damage to the environment. 

This is starting to be a pattern.  Hoorah for uncontaminated soil! - you environmentally friendly oil tank removal company

Oil Tank Removal Vancouver

November 20th, 2011
Another oil tank removal in Vanoucver, BC.  

We serve the entire lower mainland.  You oil tank removal specialists.


Vancouver Oil Tank Removal

August 10th, 2011

Oil tank removal in Dunbar area has been complete. 

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