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Tank Searches

Upon request we may attend your property and perform a visual inspection of the property, a manual probing, and a scan using an electronic metal detection locator.

If required we will provide a written report indicating that we have searched the property and a tank either was or was not located.

Removal of underground and above-ground storage tanks

We will expose, pump out any remaining oil in the tank, and remove the tank from your property. In addition we will obtain all required permits from the city (if and when required), and upon the removal of the tank we will submit a final report (to the City and our clients) with supporting documentation to verify that the tank was removed from the property. Vancouver Tank Specialist will take care of all required city permits, inspections and appointments.

Remediation of Contaminated Soil

Vancouver Tank Specialist provides comprehensive remediation services in the event that contamination is found to exist around the tank site. We will arrange for the removal, transportation and legal disposal of the contaminated soil and will further arrange for the delivery of clean backfill to the site as per government environmental guidelines.

In certain municipalities Environmental Consultants are required on all sites that show evidence of contamination. We currently work with two Environmental Consultants on contaminated sites, however, we are happy to work with a certified Environmental Consultant of your choosing.